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Economics Essay

Hi. I hope you are well. The following instructions should be strictly followed. The question of the essay:  1. What are the most significant drivers of the international migration of labour and why? Explain with reference to theoretical approaches to migration. The minimum word limit is 2750 words but you cannot go over 2900 words that is maximum limit (bibliography does not count in that limit). I will provide sources and those sources as per the professor must be used strictly to answer the essay. The essay should be argumentative and include arguments, counter arguments and rebuttals. I will provide most of the sources and make it easier for you but more sources should be used as mine are just the basics that must be used. The essay needs to have a thesis in the introduction explaining what is being answered and you will approach it. The introduction and conclusion each need to be 200 words at least. The question should be answered and supported by evidence and facts throughout the essay from an Economics perspective. The essay must be explained with reference to THEORETICAL APPROACHES (one of the sources that I have provided has explained these approaches. All of the sources uploaded should be used and referenced Harvard style appropriately. Use at least 10 sources (the 10 includes the sources I have provided). I would recommend spending a day or two to do the research and read the sources. The lecture powerpoint and notes cannot be used and referenced, however, you should just have a look and get ideas from as it has a lot of useful informations that will help with the writing. This is an important assignment. I will not release the money for poor quality paper and furthermore I will be running it through Turnitin plagiarism checker before accepting to release the contract. Focus on answering the question and make sure to answer all aspects of it. Do not go over the word limit kindly.  Thank you.