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Economic impact of COVID-19 with Monetary and Fiscal policies

1)Find at least three reliable articles for your topic. Read the articles and make the connection to the Econ 50 (Macroeconomics) materials that you have learned in class. 2) You should provide the links of the article in the reference page along with the citation. 3) Start with a summary of the paper (Introduction). Then, apply your economic knowledge from class with your words to explain what you know about the subject. The writing should be based on the facts that you have received from the article and the course. Do not write about your opinion here. (Main body) 4) The final paragraph is the overall summary and conclusion of how you apply your knowledge to this issue/news. Here is the place that you can include your opinion of the matter if you like. (Conclusion) 5) The paper’s total length (without appendix) should be at least four pages but no more than five pages, including the introduction, main body, conclusion, and the reference page, typed using double–space and font size as 12. The cover page will not be counted. You are welcome to add charts or graphs that will help you explain your analysis. However, this should be in the appendix and will NOT be counted for the paper page). All quotes used must be properly cited in APA. Make sure to cite both in-text and on the reference page as well. Again, pictures and tables should be at the of the paper as in the appendix. Please note that pages in appendix will not be counted for the required number of pages for the paper. 6) You do not need to have an abstract.