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E-Business Strategies Field Project

Teams of up to 5 students are to collaborate on a group field project covering various topics pertaining to e-business strategies in adoption, implementation, and support of systems and technologies in one of local organizations. The project should adopt one of the following situations:  A proposed solution (future) A business problem that is faced by an internal team or organization that can be addressed by recommending an information system solution. The solution is a proposed solution, supported by a proof of concept, past experience, or evidence from the industry. The solution is not yet implemented in the department or an organization.  Assessment of progress (current) An on-going (or recently gone-live) strategic IT project, or IS solution to a business problem. The project/solution is medium to large in size, and affects one or more departments or the entire organization. A project is said to be recent when it was completed within the last 6 months.  A case assessment (past) A problem that was faced by an internal team or organization that was already addressed by recommending an information system solution. This is a descriptive of the situation supported by credible information from the organization or external resources, i.e. interviews, reports, news, white papers, etc. The report should contain lessons learned and author(s) opinion. In all situations above, the topics of the project should cover one of the following areas:  Developing/assessing strategies for e-business and IT departments  Digital Transformation and Change Management in e-business context  Business Process Management (ERP implementations)  Management or implementation of medium-to-large IT projects (enterprise systems)  Other relevant areas to IT and e-business strategies There are four deliverables of the group field project, which are explained next. However, a full report describing the work is essential. The report should include the following as common features of all projects:  An overview of the company/organization/entity/department  An overview of the business strategy (vision, mission, goals, values, objectives, etc.)  An assessment of the IT strategy (use Business –IT maturity model for assessment)  The relevance of the project/solution to the IT strategy and to the business strategy