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Does the minimum wage increase unemployment in developing and dev

I.            Introduction A.      Current Problem: The minimum wage has increased the unemployment rate. B.       Audience: Economists and Businessmen and women C.       Key Terms: Unemployment, Minimum Wage D.      Thesis Statement: Although the minimum wage’s purpose is to help out the low-skilled labor market, it is proven that it has harmed low-skilled workers by impacting different types of unemployment.          II.            Body A.      Main point 1: Advantages of the minimum wage in developing and developed countries 1.       Decrease poverty (cite sources) 2.       Increase some families’ standard of living (cite sources)   B.       Main point 2: Disadvantages of the minimum wage in developing and developed countries (counter argument)  1.       Focus on unemployment cons (cite sources)   C.       Main point 3: The effect of minimum wage on different types of unemployment 1.       Effect on frictional unemployment (cite sources) 2.       Effect on structural unemployment (cite sources)        III.            Conclusion A.      Restatement of thesis: Despite having its benefits, the minimum wage has increased the unemployment rate in the low-skilled labor market. B.       Next Steps: recommendation for future researches.  note:  – attached are some sources I would like you to include in the bibliography  – please include a short abstract  – include a title page – paper written in past tense and indicative mood – 1500 including abstract  – include 1-2 graphs – around  3 quotations is preferred  – times new roman font  – level of writing: high school