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Answer question for 3 different movies, most questions don’t need a paragraph response unless its necessary will provide the questions; Quiz on Black Panther;  1. Do you think Killmonger is a villain? Why or why not?  2.Now that I’ve gotten you to write down some of your thoughts on Killmonger, and whether he is a villain, I want you to watch the video below: For this viewer, Killmonger is a villain. But he’s an empathetic one, meaning that the viewer really connects with him in a way that they do not usually connect with villains in superhero movies. (Imagine a Superman movie in which we connect more with Lex Luther than with Superman!!!). Do you agree with this person’s analysis? 3. Black Panther is not only about race. It’s about gender. So, what do you make of how this movie represents gender? How do you understand, for example, the movie’s representation of female characters?  4. I have watched this movie many many times, at this point. Here’s a scene I always go back to: This scene represents colonialism, and really think about how people connect (or do not connect) with their cultures. So, walk me through your thoughts on this scene. Try to write at least 4-5 sentences. 5. How does Black Panther compare to another superhero story? Feel free to use any that occur to you! It can be a movie, TV show, etc. Quiz on Moonlight;  1.The movie Moonlight is broken up into 3 separate parts. Why do you think the filmmakers did this? What were they trying to do, or to get viewers to do? 2.Below is a scene from the first part of Moonlight: Why do you think the filmmakers included this scene? Why is it important? 3.Below is a really cool video that breaks down Moonlight. Watch at least the first few minutes of it: What do you make of how this film represents Chiron’s search for identity? In other words, what do you make of some of the points this video focuses on, in the first few minutes? 4.What thoughts do you have about this movie, that I didn’t ask about on this quiz? To have a chance to get full credit, you must share at least 1 thought about the movie overall. Quiz on The Farewell;  View keyboard shortcuts