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Discussion and answer question from the case in news

Product Liability is a $150 billion dollar burden on the economy, it causes increases in consumer prices, depletes corporate resources and can add 15-30% to the cost of a product. In 2014, General Motors (GM) issued a recall of about 800,000 of its vehicles due to faulty ignition switches. Since then, the recall widened to more than 2.6 million vehicles. The ignition switch of the affected cars could cause the engine to shut off while in motion, thus preventing the airbags from inflating in the event of an accident. The faulty ignition switches are responsible for at least 124 deaths and even more injuries. Though GM issued the first recall in 2014, complainants allege that GM knew of this fatal defect for at least a decade. Due to this negligence, GM had to pay $870 million to settle death and injury claims and $900 million in a settlement with the Department of Justice. Discuss this case or any other case in the news ( there are many).Some suggested topics may include: what can be done as a company to reduce liability, what harm does have on the company  and consumers, how does this effect a company in the future after a recall?