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discussion 7

Week 7 Discussion No unread replies. No replies. Directions: You will be composing a post of at least 100 words in Standard English revolving around your argument/research paper. Your initial post must include your topic/issue, your claim/position on the topic, two – three logical reasons that support your claim, one statistic found during your research process that supports your claim (it must be cited), one argument from the opposing side of your issue, and lastly, address the opposing side’s argument and highlight the fault in the argument (otherwise, dismantle the argument). Topic Claim Two-Three logical reasons to support your claim (Pro) One cited statistic found in your research that supports your claim One argument from the opposing side (Con) What is a fault in the opposing side’s argument?   Content could include, but is not limited to, any of the following: Suggest further elements that could be added either to the Pro or Con side of the topic.  Indicate what it would take for you to be convinced, if you were on the con side of the argument