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Different Treatments that can be used for Autism in children

1. Select 3 empirical articles What’s required:  2. First paragraph: A clear introduction to your topic. This should include historical context, any definitions that you think are necessary for the reader, and a clear description of what you plan on discussing throughout your paper (a comparison of current empirical work in the field). Be sure to use appropriate APA citations when necessary! E.g., you may begin with something like “Over the last 20 years, operant conditioning techniques have been used to modify the behavior of children with autism. The formal technique is called applied behavior analysis, and it emerged from BF Skinner’s studies in the 20th century….” (Robinhood, 2010). 3. Next 3 paragraphs: Summarize and reflect on your 3 peer-reviewed articles Briefly describe the author’s research question, what they discovered, and why the results are important. How do the findings contribute to the field? Do NOT spend too much time describing the details of the methodology. 4. Final paragraph: Write a conclusion that ties all of these findings together and  draws parallels between the conclusions of the article. You should include a synthesis of your own ideas here. What are your own thoughts, ideas, critiques? What are your follow-up questions?    Checklist 1. A coherent, to-the-point, introduction that clearly introduces your topic and lets the reader know what you will be discussing in your paper 2. A survey of relevant scientific studies (minimum of three studies) 3. A conclusion including synthesis of your own ideas in relation to these studies 4. An APA-style reference section and appropriate APA citations throughout   NOTES: Please, refrain from using Wikipedia and make sure to correctly cite each study.