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Development of number concepts in children

You will write a 2800 word (approximately 10 page) research paper that addresses the following question: How does the concept of number develop across childhood? The paper will review the major findings of your chosen topic, draw (a) conclusion(s), and point to future directions for research. Create an outline of exactly what points you want to make in your paper. Every paragraph in your paper should target a particular point. When you are writing a paragraph, you should be able to summarize the point of that paragraph in one or two sentences (but don’t actually write it like that!). If you can’t do that, then maybe you need to split it into more paragraphs, or restructure your outline. The opening few paragraphs of your paper should introduce your topic. They should pose the research area that you will be investigating and describe the phenomenon you will be addressing. Why is this topic important, generally? Then, before you dive into the details of particular papers or points, have a paragraph that outlines the structure of your paper, so that the reader has an idea of what will be reviewed. Following this, the main body of your paper should elaborate on those points. You may want to create headers for your particular points and divide your paper into sections. This can be a good way to organize your ideas, and help the paper to flow more smoothly. Remember, the idea is to integrate the findings of research in your domain and inform the reader about what is known in this area. If you’re reviewing very different kinds of research, you’ll need to do some extra writing to help the reader with that transition. In this sense, research articles that are very similar need a lot less “glue” to bind them together. When you review an article, choose how you write about it: remember, this is your paper! If there is a really important point in an article that you want to emphasize, do that. If you have a problem with the study, or authors’ conclusions, describe what that problem is. Your critical thinking about the articles should come through in your review. Towards the end of your paper, you should talk take a step back and think broadly. What is still unknown about your topic? Are there related phenomena that you think researchers have not examined? What future directions should be taken in this research area? This is critical thinking on a broader scale. Finally, once you have reviewed the work/made all of your points, conclude by summarizing all of those points more broadly. This does NOT mean that you literally say the exact same things again. Instead, you summarize the take home messages for the reader in a meaningful way.