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design an experiment

Submit your experiment in the following format: Title. Introduction. Methods and Materials. References written in APA format– minimum 2  journal articles are REQUIRED. Max 5 references in total.    General – 1.5 line spacing. Font 10-12. As you have not been in lab this semester – the methods and materials section will be marked accordingly. We are looking at the big picture rather than how many tubes you will need to set up in a rack, or what volumes you need to pipette. We will be looking for the different variables and controls you will be testing.  You will want to indicate any safety concerns/personal protective equipment apart from wearing a lab coat, gloves and safety glasses which we will consider as standard practice. The introduction should include a hypothesis based on what you think the results might be if you were able to carry out the experiment.  Scenario: A friend from another university has spent the semester designing 2 new plasmids. She has sent you one of the plasmid for an experiment you want to run but cannot remember if she put the correct one in the tube that she sent you.  The plasmid you want has 2 HindIII restriction enzyme sites and 1 BamHI restriction enzyme site. The other one has 1 HindIII sites and 2 BamHI sites.  She has sent you the plasmid maps for both plasmids. Design an experiment to confirm that she has sent you the correct plasmid.