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Delivery of CRISPR Cas9 on HIV

Grant Proposal: Please use the ‘Would CRISPR Cas9 system lead the therapeutic management of cancer, HIV, and nCOVID-19 in the future?’ research paper for sure.  You can select at least 5 research papers in the list of the papers that I uploaded.  You can use other research papers addition to it.  Grant proposal: analyzing primary scientific studies  integrating information from multiple sources  synthesizing and summarizing information using writing skills  applying biotechnology principles to an area of study  Research the topic and summarize the background and significance  Develop a hypothesis advancing this area of research  Identify 2 to 3 specific aims that will address studies that you would conduct to address your hypothesis.  Explain the specific aims.  Rubric: 1.Clearly states the background and significance which is engaging and thought provoking. Thoroughly identifies critical studies that are current in the field. 2.Clearly identifies a valid hypothesis for the grant proposal that builds on the current research. The hypothesis is testable and is is related to biotechnology. 3. Clearly and thoroughly identifies 2-3 specific aims that address the hypothesis presented in the proposal. 4. Thoroughly describes the biotechnology techniques used to address the hypothesis presented in the proposal. Description of the specific aims aligns well with the question being tested and is current. The specific aims are each unique and together provide ample methods to test the hypothesis presented in the proposal. 5. Meets all five of the below criteria: 1. 2 pages minimum, 2. font no greater than 12 font, 3. single spaced, 4. one inch margins for all pages, 5. a bibliography page 6.No grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.