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cyber attack backed by Hezbollah

This is the scenario: Hezbollah backed by Iran has launched a cyber attack on the city of Chicago, specifically Chicago Ohare and the subway stations. At least two airport employees (Lebanese-Americans) are in on the attack. At this moment, the systems begin to malfunction and eventually go dead. Thousands of flights are due into O’Hare within the day, and the systems are entirely wiped of information, flight plans, and schedules. This is a problem because, with over 100 flights set to land in the next hour, all are now incapable of contacting air traffic control at O’Hare. In one area of the air control tower, a Lebanese-American control official messages a coworker working down in TSA as head of security. Both employees have worked at the airport for more than four years. There is no network available, making operations at businesses and companies impossible. This is an inconvenience, as the amount of visitor traffic and transactions taking place are now stifled completely. Subways are not working, trains are indefinitely stopped at Union Station, leaving hundreds of travelers stranded, and payments cannot be processed. This leaves a question lingering in the air of “why?”. A virus has seemingly taken over the city, leaving almost all places incapable of operations. The research paper should seek to explain potential outcomes of this cyber attack on such critical infrastructure, risks to the city of Chicago, and its citizens.