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Cultural Project

1. Choose a topic related to Hispanic cultures that interests you and conduct some research on it, visit a virtual museum, OR watch a Spanish-language film or television show. 2. You will compare and contrast your topic/place/film with customs and culture in your home country. 3. Report your findings through a 1-page written document (1.5 or double spaced). This may be in English.  4.You must turn in the assignment on Blackboard. Possible Options:  – Visit a virtual museum in a Spanish-speaking country. — El Prado, El Reina Sofía, El Museo Sorolla, El Thyssen, Museo Dolores Olmedo, etc.  Virtual museums –     – Choose a Spanish-language film or TV series on Netflix, watch it, and describe what you learned.            Some options:  Magical Andes, Guatemala: Heart of the Mayan World, Perú Tesoro Escondido, Perdiendo el norte, Ocho apellidos vascos, etc! – Watch a Spanish-language film or documentary on Kanopy (available through the FSU library) Spain Facing Uncertainty, En tierra extraña, 15-M, etc. – Watch other videos related to Hispanic culture on YouTube such as –          Ecuador: Building a Multicultural Nation   —  On social issues of Indigenous and Afro-descended people of Ecuador.          The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT HERE AS A  WORD DOC OR PDF ATTACHMENT.  DO NOT EMAIL IT OR SUBMIT IT TO ME ANY OTHER WAY. Espero ver sus proyectos!  –  Looking forward to seeing your Proyectos Culturales!