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Crime & Intelligence Analysis

Based on the feedback from your M6 Assignment: Defining the Target and M7 Assignment: Statement of Issues and Problem, edit your final product also to include a model to describe the crime spree, where a sniper team has murdered five persons in the Montgomery County, Maryland area on October 2, 2002. Your model will utilize materials provided in the reference section of this module; and the Clark text. Please be advised that a model can be designed in many different configurations. Configurations are typically driven by the requirements of the case. A model can be represented through charts, figures, text, photographs, drawings, tables, only limited by the analyst’s imagination. You are encouraged to search “crime modeling” concepts using the Internet. Your paper is to be submitted as a Word document, it should be 1250-1750 words total in length (12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced) with a separate references page. The paper should contain 750-1250 words for edited M6 and M7 assignments and 500 words (or 2 pages) for M8 model. Document your essay using APA style  , please see Resources for Success section of this course located in Course Information documents for more information.