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Create Management Plan 1 using MS Word and MS Project with informat

Instructions To complete the Management Plan 1 assignment, do the following.   1.     Open up a blank MS Word Document and apply current APA formatting.   2.     Using the instructions and rubric, add the group’s desired text.   3.     Edit your existing/previously created WBS in MS project by adding the Costs to WBS to complete the Cost Management Plan.   Group Project: Management Plan 1 Instructions Cost Management Plan Create a Cost Management Plan that includes the following components: Cost Estimating – cost estimates for each project activity from the WBS Cost Budgeting – adding the cost estimates on the work packages or activities to establish a cost baseline. Cost Controlling – controlling change and managing variances, making decisions involving alternatives and trade-offs to accomplish budgetary goals while still meeting project objectives. MS Project is required to complete this assignment.  To achieve this, use your group’s previously created Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and add the associated costs to the WBS. Quality Management Plan Create a Quality Management Plan that uses the Scope Statement from the Project Charter and includes the following components: Quality Planning Quality Assurance Quality Control   Since the use of both MS Word and MS Project are required, submit both files to me.