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You must first choose a cartoon character that has a biography. This can be difficult to find even if it is a very popular character. You will have to research who the animation studio was, who the main animators were, how many cartoons was the character in, when was he born (first conceived of, or first cartoon he was in), who did his voice, what style of animation was used, any historical significance of the character and any resemblance the character has to any other character or person. Find out how long and what time period was the character in cartoons. You should have at least one full typewritten, single-spaced page of written research and a separate page with an illustration of the character. Of course, more pages and more illustrations are better.   Next analyze the character’s personality, whether it has changed over the years. Did the character change the way he looked over the years – this would be good to illustrate. Enclose at the very least one picture of the character and any illustrations that support your research.   You may get all the available points or only some of the available points depending on the completeness and overall robustness of the assignment.