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COVID-19: Disease Progression and Nursing Interventions

American Nurses Association Webinar Webinar 7: Caring for COVID-19 Patients: Disease Progression and Nursing Interventions You Need to Know. Journal: This webinar provided many nursing interventions, barriers, and strategies to overcome these barriers. Reflect on the past several months and describe how your nursing practice has changed since the pandemic began. In 2 pages, describe one negative change you have experienced and one positive change in your nursing care. Do you think these changes will be long term changes in nursing care or do you think these practices will stop once the pandemic is over? Explain your answer.   Nursing Interventions Monitoring and Diagnostics ·        Pulmonary assessment (x-ray and ct) ·        Laboratory  (CBC with diff, Metabolic profile: liver and renal function) ·        Inflammatory markers Medical Treatment ·        Remdesivir ·        Convalescent Plasma ·        Tocilizumab ·        Dexamethasone   Oxygenation ·        Supplemental oxygen ·        High-flow nasal cannula ·        Mechanical ventilation Prone Positioning Nutrition ·        Important for healing   Strategies to overcome Barriers Social Isolation ·        Personal approach form ·        Video Conferencing ·        Engaging the individual (Reassuring, Smile behind the mask)   Visitor Restrictions ·        Frequent updates ·        Designate family spokesperson ·        Lift restrictions for individual cases ·        Video conferencing