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Concussions in football and how it can lead to CTE

Within the confines of your paper you will discuss the subject at length, providing not only the causes and effects of the subject but also a summary and analysis of current research being done on the topic. Some of these topics may be found more rewarding than others. Choose wisely. 2 websites as sources, the other 3 have to be primary sources I. Introduction a. State your topic clearly b. Give your stance on the subject c. Briefly detail the points you intend to make d. A thesis statement (i.e. Based on current research and studies done by reputable health facilities, it is clear to see that fast food restaurants play a large role in the rising rates of obesity.) II. Detail the Issue a. What is the issue you are dealing with? b. Why is it an issue? III. Your Understanding/Public Opinion a. What is your stance on the subject? b. What does the public think about this subject matter? c. Introduce current research to support your thought d. Synthesize the research with your thoughts IV. Look to the Future a. What does the future hold for this issue? b. Are there potential ramifications from this problem or is there a solution on the horizon? V. Conclusion