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computational problem solving

You will carry out analysis of a given use case with regards to the suitability of algorithms to be employed in order to meet the requirements of the use case. After selecting and designing an algorithmic solution you are then to evolve your solution to meet newer demands, and analyse both solutions. Finally you will address the same use case scenario’s issues with regards to defects using appropriate analysis of probability, and presenting the results. Key points for inclusion: • Describe which abstract data type would be best for the scenario using Big O notation to compare a selection of algorithms. • Implement create, delete and update operations using pseudo or language code. • Select a new abstract data type to use to hold the data, and provide analysis comparing the new and previously researched algorithm. • Use appropriate graphs with correct axis titles and styling to present your results. • Calculate the correct probabilities for the scenarios provided, ensuring that all your calculations are presented. • Use the given guidance for producing the document to the requested standard with no omissions.