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comparison and contrast essay

I urgently need an expert on these type of essay to review the provided unit 7 notes especially pages(173-177) and also review the below grading guide to help me fix the assignment I have done which is also attached. COMPARISON AND CONTRAST “Essay” In response to the following question, write a sentence outline and an essay. Word count 600 Question: In what ways are pandemics and endemics similar and in what ways/way are they different? Grading rubric: ( must follow to achieve maximum scores) Interpretation of questions – Key words correctly identified and interpreted and relationship to overall questions explicitly established in thesis statement Selection of points – Selection shows a sound grasp of major issues raised and is explicitly related question in topic sentences; grammatical expression is sound. Structure of thesis statement – Complete, succinct, single statement that embraces all points and is relevant to required method; grammatical expression is sound Introduction : Topic established. Significance and context of subject well established Excellent Thesis statement appropriately positioned Relevant mode Body : Three points begin with a clear, relevant topic sentence. All points well developed with relevant examples and explanations Relevant expository method chosen and expertly utilized. Conclusion: Provides closure Summarizes all the main points. Synthesises main points Presents no new information Language : Language is formal Supports required expository method. Absence of the following types of errors: SVA. PA Sp P SC Content : Selection of material is appropriate to specific question asked. Excellent integration of analysis & research. Excellent attempt to relate content to question asked. Citation /Reference : Citations and reference list accurately formatted and punctuated; Latest version of APA used.