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community interview

Each student is required to complete one reflection paperbased on apersonalinterview of the role ofa community-based nurse. Papermust be typed, double spaced and 3 pages in length. The reflection papershall contain the following data: 1.Discuss dailyactivities performed by the community-based nurseinterviewedand discuss their personal perspective of nursing care delivered in thecommunity environmentthey work. 2.Explaintherole of the registered nurse/health care professional in theirsetting. 3.Describe the purpose and mission of the agency and population served.   4.Discuss how the agency meets the needs of the vulnerable patient population. Address any environmental, cultural, spiritual, and psychosocial factors that may play a role in this community-based nursing setting. 5.Discussa situation where effective communication and/or interprofessional communication was observed between the health care professional and patient/family.