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Commercial law (business) Tort of negligence and the use of IRAC model

The assessment requires use of the IRAC model (Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion) to answer a legal problem. Students must therefore identify the correct legal issue in the given problem-based question, apply the relevant facts to the rule at hand in their own words that will then allow the students to conclude and provide an answer to the legal problem.  The assessment is due on 22 April at 11.59 pm and is released on 18 April at 11.59 pm giving you 4 days to complete it.  Hence, if you have work and/ or other commitments, I suggest you make yourself available for these 4 days.   On 18 April at 11.59 pm, you will be provided with a problem-based question in form of a client brief along with a video that I suggest you start working on as soon as possible.   On 20 April on or before 4 pm, additional information will be released to you similar to when a client all of a sudden remembers more information that may be important to the legal advice.    Memo of Advice : You are required to provide a memo of advice based on the information provided on the additional information provided on 20 April.  The problem-based question will be on the Tort of Negligence.    Detailed Instructions Marks:  Marks:The assignment is worth 40% of the final mark.    Topics: Assessment two is an individual assessment where students must demonstrate independent and critical thought on a given topic covered in weeks 3-7 inclusive. The topic this semester is the tort of negligence.    Time allocated: Students get 4 days to submit the assessment.   Due date: the assessment is released on 18 April at 11.59 pm, additional info released on 20 April at 11.59 pm and due on 22 April at 11.59 pm (AEST time)   Detailed instructions: On the date of release, students will be given a problem-based question in the form of a written client brief along with a corresponding video containing the client interview. Students must provide a memo of advice and use the IRAC model to independently formulate legally convincing arguments to a problem-based question. After two days, students will be given additional information from the client and the submission must reflect this additional information.   Format: memorandum of advice (students will be given examples on the purpose and format of a memorandum of advice in the tute during week 6). A template will be provided to assist but students are encouraged to do their own research.  Word limit: 1000 words (plus minus 10%). Please note that markers will stop reading after this limit is surpassed.