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Collaborative Supervision Presentation

Provide a presentation over your supervisory evaluation related to collaborative. Include who you supervise, where, what event, and then explain your supervisory process. You should follow the guidelines from the lecture chapter reading over collaborative chapter 9, and P.466. Also, make sure you include your supervisory notes and discussed in the lecture. Here are the guidelines you need to follow on page.466. 1.I asked the teacher perception of problem. 2. Listen to understand teachers perception of problem. 3.Verify teachers perception of problem. 4.Present your perception of problem bag building on teachers perception one possible. 5.Check for teachers understanding of your perception a problem. 6.Exchange possible solutions allow teacher to 1st offer a solution, build on teacher solution when possible in jointly consider consequences of each alternative. 7.Except conflict that may arise. 8.Negotiate a mutually acceptable solution. 9.Agree on specific actions to be taken, include follow-up. 10.Summarise final plan.