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Climate change

There are many environmental problems facing the world today and they are growing in strength. But there are also a lot of very positive developments. Things seem to be getting worse and better at the same time. The question is, which of those trends will win out in the end. For this paper, I would like to know how you feel about the direction in which we are heading: are you optimistic or pessimistic?  Pick one of the following statements, chose whether you feel optimistic or pessimistic, and support your claim.  I feel [optimistic/pessimistic] about the world’s response to climate change. I feel [optimistic/pessimistic] about efforts to preserve biodiversity. I feel [optimistic/pessimistic] about efforts to achieve environmental justice. I feel [optimistic/pessimistic] about our ability to feed the world population which is growing in number and wealth. To support your claim use a combination of the following: Class materials (readings, videos, lectures, etc) Optional class materials (Things from the “Ways to Get Involved & More” sections. Links to sources cited in lectures, etc) News items found in this feed Items you found through library databases  Additional credible sources Using class materials is highly encouraged, however you must also use additional materials. In particular you must use at least two sources located by searching library databases such as Academic Search Elite or GREENfile. (In the bibliography of your paper, please highlight those.) To learn more about how to use library recourses specifically for this assignment, please take a look at this library presentation.  Your paper should present evidence which supports your claim including any limitations of the evidence you are presenting (for example a study may have been performed only on a small sample, or the positive effects are dependent on other events happening). You should also present evidence which supports counterarguments to your position and explain why the weight of this evidence does not out weight the evidence pro your position. Finally, discuss some actions that could improve our outlook for the future.  Please see the rubric for specific requirements. Your paper should be about 2000 words in length.  You can use whatever citation style you choose. Just be consistent and make sure to cite every source properly.  There is no required number of sources, however I would expect that to successfully complete this assignment you would need at a minimum 7-10 sources (try to limited class materials to be about half of those sources).  [When turning in your assignment, you may see a message about TurnItIn. You do not need to do anything about it. TurnItIn allows me to check your paper of plagiarism. Please do not plagiarize.]