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Choose a contemporary topic to discuss in light of either LaoTzu’s or Machiavelli’s philosoph

READ THE ESSAY CHECKLIST I HAVE UPLOADED TO HELP CONSTRUCT THE ESSAY.  Write an essay in which you consider the views of human nature that are revealed in reading Tao te Ching by LaoTzu and The Prince by Machiavelli. I have attached the PDFs below.  What does each say about what people are inclined to do when they are not restrained by the government?  What conclusion does each author reach regarding a leader’s proper role in maintaining a society where people will live together in an orderly way?  Make specific references to the readings to identify important statements that define the authors’ philosophy of leadership.              Then focus on references to one or more other sources that provide an example of a problem in our world today to which you apply the ideas of either LaoTzu or Machiavelli.  Each outside source should be a full-length (at least 500 words) article from one of the following: one of the topics from SIRS Knowledge Source in the LAMC Library databases  a CQ Researcher report from the LAMC Library databases on your topic.          Begin by reading LaoTzu and Machiavelli closely to be sure you understand their main points.  Plan your essay carefully so that you develop a clear thesis and organize your essay directly in support of that central idea.  Use specific references to the additional article(s) you have chosen to illustrate how principles of either LaoTzu or Machiavelli might contribute to a solution to the problem presented.          Your essay must be written in standard MLA format with a Works Cited page and appropriate in-text citations to identify all sources of information taken from the text and the newspaper or magazine article.  Proofread your final draft carefully to correct any problems with grammar, spelling, and word usage.    Choose key ideas from your sources to develop a thesis that expresses your central idea about how LaoTzu or Machiavelli might approach the contemporary social problem you have chosen to write about. Objectives After completing this assignment, you will be able to  state major points of argument on the role of a leader by LaoTzu and Machiavelli locate and accurately summarize and quote at least one full-length article on a contemporary social problem form a clear thesis for your argument regarding an approach to leadership develop a consistent argument based on the thesis integrate paraphrased and quoted information in support of your argument structure the essay with appropriate paragraph divisions and use of references properly cite sources in the text of the essay and in Works Cited according to MLA standards express your ideas using appropriate vocabulary and grammatically correct sentences. WRITE A CLEAR THESIS. COMPLETE THE ESSAY CHECKLIST I HAVE UPLOADED, IT IS PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT. FOLLOW STANDARD MLA FORMAT. I HAVE UPLOADED THE PRINCE BY MACHIAVELLI AND TAO TE CHING BY LAO TZU, THOSE ARE THE NECESSARY READINGS.