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child abuse ,neglect or sexual abuse prevention

I already completed the literature review section of the paper , i just need the other sections covered. i will also be attaching the literature review for context. The literature review can be copied and pasted with the rest of the paper. Introduction of topic (Estimated 1/2 page) Literature review- this should describe the topic, present statistics related to topic and outline best practices in your given area (for example, what do we know about what works and doesn’t work with batterers). (Estimated 4 pages) Concerns of diverse populations- Are there any particular issues that increase the risk for some groups, such as immigrants, the disabled, people of lower socioeconomic status, different racial or ethnic groups, etc? You are not expected to discuss all possible populations but should look at what the literature says about how best practices differ among and between communities.  You should identify barriers to service for the groups you are focusing on, and also look at the availability of services to these populations. (Estimated 3 pages) Services- What services are available in your communities of interest?  Do you note any gaps in service?  How do you know the good services from the not-as-good services? (Estimated 2 pages) Conclusion (Estimated 1/2 page) Reference page