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Chicano discussion paper

One more resources you can use.   The Online Discussion Assignments give students the opportunity to strengthen their ability to communicate effectively with their writing. I understand that students are at different levels of writing, so I will not grade on punctuation or grammar, but on content and how well you analytically study the readings. AGAIN, SHOW ME THAT YOU DID THE READINGS. My grading comes from content and analyzing the readings critically, I DO NOT NEED A SUMMARY I HAVE READ THE READINGS. Students should critically analyze the readings leading up to the online discussion assignment. Apply it to real world content and maybe the current political sphere. You may also apply the readings to current events, for example, the Black Lives Matter mobilizations, counterinsurgencies in Latin America, the local gang injunctions in North San Diego County, immigration and its discourse, so on and so forth. The readings that are due on the week should be incorporated in your discussion posts, for example for discussion post one, the students should have read the assignments for that week and do the discussion post on Friday.