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Chart auditing in a home health agency and documentation compliance

This a project proposal; I have attached a template. I need to rewrite the framework and the method section.  PICOT : Documentation Compliance Target: 90% current: 78% (P) In the Inter-Disciplinary Group (IDG) at a Home Health agency (I)  Implementing a Retrospective Chart Review (RCR) to evaluate documentation compliance (C) Compared to TJC/CMS practice standards (90% internal agency target, not a national standard) (O) will identify gaps in documentation and provide recommendations (to decrease gaps) (T) over 12 weeks. I am trying to conduct a retrospective chart review in a home health agency, using the agency tool that was used for the TJC visit 3 years ago. using a mix of charts for the agency I want to collect data from charts and see patterns of poor documentation in the multidisciplinary team or interdisciplinary team (IDG), the mock survey revealed that the documentation compliance is at 78% and their internal target is 90% based on the TJC and CMS. and they need to follow the CMS  conditions of participation.  I have sent you a proposal template, key points of the project, some articles, the framework (use sample), and a complete project model. I would like you to help me write the framework section and the methods, please follow the template.