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chapter 9 short answer essay quiz

Chapter Nine Short Answer Quiz In complete sentences (NO bullets) explain the following concepts you have learned. Include page numbers where you located your answers.  Each item is worth one point except where otherwise indicated.  Once again, you may ONLY use Microsoft Word to complete your course assignments.   1.     Explain social learning theory in detail. Explain the Bobo doll experiment.  Why was this experiment important to our understanding of aggr 1.     What is a group?  Explain entitativity.  What other features affect belonging to a group? Why do people join groups?  How does belonging to a group affect self-esteem? 2.     What is the purpose of a social dilemma? Include a discussion of public goods dilemmas. 3.     Explain distribution games. 4.     When are people most likely to cooperate in a group? Why do people cooperate in a group? 5.     Explain the role of trust in the Prisoner’s Dilemma. 6.     What role did evolution play in human’s agreement on norms of fairness? 7.     Explain social facilitation theory in detail.  Explain the Triplett study (1898). Explain Zajonc’s (1965) social facilitation theory. Make sure you address how it developed from Triplett’s theory. 8.     Explain Zajonc’s perspective on the role of arousal. Include a discussion of his study using cockroaches. 9.     What happens to people when they perform in front of others? 10.  Explain social loafing.  Include a discussion of low accountability. 11.  Explain deindividuation.  Make sure you discuss deindividuation in wars, riots, etc. 12.  Explain group polarization.  Why do people tend to lean to the more extreme alternative? 13.  What is group think? Make sure you discuss what happened with the Challenger on January 28, 1986 and its relationship to group think.  Why does group cohesion play a strong role in group think? 14.  Summarize the different types of leaders.  What qualities makes an effective leader? Include a discussion of charismatic leaders, task-oriented leaders, and relationship-oriented leaders.  What type of leadership style did Mother Theresa have? 15.  How does the attainment of power influence a change in people’s behavior? Make sure you discuss loosened inhibitions, and less empathy. 16.  Explain social dominance theory.  Make sure you discuss power distance and legitimatizing hierarchies. 17.  Explain system justification theory. Make sure you discuss idealizing high status and mitigating comparisons. 18.  What causes collective action? Why do you think identity fusion occurs?  What collective action have you either participated in or viewed? 19.  Why do people leave groups?  Include a discussion of promoting survival, reducing uncertainty, and bolstering self-esteem. 20.  What role does managing morality play in group identification? (YOUTUBE VIDEO MUST WATCH)There is an youtube video which is related to some of the questions, however all answers must be cited from the book , and there is also an powerpoint. EVERYTHING MUST BE CITED FROM THE BOOK PAGES. All assignments are to be typed in Times New Roman 12 Point Font. All assignments are to be double-spaced. All assignments are to be written in standard English, with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Make sure you are ONLY submitting your essays in Microsoft Office Word