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Chapter 12 Assignment: Relationship Conflict and Relaxation Reflection #6

Chapter 12 Assignment: Relationship Conflict Use your book, power point slides and the video on resolving conflict to help you with this assignment.   1. Explain two barriers to resolving personal conflict.   2. Using examples of nonverbal and verbal communication, describe three examples of good listening and responding communication skills that can help in resolving relationship conflict.   3. Explain two strategies for managing difficult conflict situations with people who enjoy conflict or are unable to remain civil.  Relaxation Reflection #6 Vagus Nerve Exercises to Rewire Your Brain from Anxiety     This video is a tutorial on what anxiety is and how to handle anxiety attacks such as panic attacks. There is information given and three short exercises to try to change nerve impulses in your neck and brain to stop this type of attack.   After you watch the video and try the short exercises, answer the following questions: 1. What did you think of these techniques? Did they feel different?   2. Did you feel any different after trying the three exercises?   3. In your opinion, do you think this type of activity would work to help calm someone down during severe anxiety? Explain your answer. Video link for help with the chapter 12 assignment: 10 Common Relationship Problems: I will upload the chapter 12 assignment pdf