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Challenging and reducing segregation through a particular group

Write an essay on a current or past popular campaign (by an organization, movement, local group of people, etc.) to mitigate/reduce/eliminate segregation in any form. This essay option might lead you to explore how a popular movement or organization’s campaign in recent years, or historically, has developed to target the specific effects or causes of racial exclusion in the housing market. It might focus on efforts to expand community-based alternatives, such as what is called the Community Land Trust, a community rather than privately owned form of housing provision gaining influence in the US today, especially in the wake of the foreclosure crisis and COVID19. Or, it might focus on specific actions (e.g., rent strikes) or experiments (e.g., state- or city-wide suspensions of rent, community control of vacant buildings, using unused hotels to house the unhoused) that show that other forms of housing and other urban geographies are possible. The key goal for this option is to do independent research that tries to place a specific challenge to segregation (by an individual, organization, movement, or neighborhood, etc.) in the context of a specific historical geography: why did, for example, the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign emerge where and when it did?