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Cave paintings

In a minimum of 500 words, compare and contrast the cave paintings to one (or more) of the later works of art. How are the cave drawings and other pieces of art reflective of the human need to express ourselves artistically? How do you express yourself artistically? This week your paper needs to compare and contrast cave paintings with another art piece from a different time period. To COMPARE two items means to tell us how they are the same. To CONTRAST two items means to tell us how they are different. Don’t stop at what is the same and different. Try to explain why they are the same, and why they are different. For example, don’t stop at mentioning that artwork one has no humans in it, and artwork two does have humans in it. Tell us why that would be so. Are the purposes behind each artwork the same or different? Sometimes you will find the answer by doing research, but other times, put on your good old thinking caps, and imagine why. Don’t forget that this paper needs to be 500 words long and include a list of references or works consulted. The two cave paintings in your textbook are: 1.  Hall of the Bulls, Lascaux, Dorgogne France ca. 15,000-10,000 BCE 2.  Herd Crossing River, Valtorta Gorge, Levant Spain ca. 8,000-3,000 BCE You can use either of these as one of the pieces to compare and contrast, but if you want to explore other prehistoric cave paintings and use a different piece, you are allowed to do so. If you use a cave painting not from the textbook, then please insert a copy of the image you are using in your paper, and give its title, place and age