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CASE STUDY: Family Coping in Pandemic [NURSING]

CASE STUDY:   Effects on Children and Families of Situational Stress r/t Pandemic and Shelter-at-Home Beginning in March 2020, individuals around the world have been ordered by the government and/or recommended by public health professionals to shelter-at-home during the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic. This is a clinical assignment utilizing telehealth to gain knowledge and skill re working with families, including assessment of knowledge, perceptions, reactions, coping mechanisms, and resources; and the provision of health promotion education and support to minimize coping mechanisms that are challenging and maximize positive coping mechanisms related to physical and mental health.  The case will involve a family with a parent and child where child is ages pre-school (verbal) to adulthood. Please identify a family other than your immediate family.   *****FULL DETAILED INSTRUCTION OF THIS ASSIGNMENT IS ON THE FILE “Case study Pandemic Family coping Spring 2021″*********** The assignment includes completion of all the following by the due date: Identify a family w children ages pre-school to adolescent who agrees to an interview Do a brief literature review (2-3 sources).   Plan your meet up considering developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive care guideline   Create and post on this Canvas site ***These are what I will be turning in for this assignment*** 1. Abstracts related to literature review. 2. Genogram. Who lives in same house as child (Everyone) 3. Self-reflection and analysis 4. SBAR. What does the next nurse caring for this family need to know to better care for them?