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Case Scenario 1 Child Injury Case

Situation              You received a call from a social worker (Mary Adams) at Children’s Hospital regarding a 5 year old girl (Susie Smith) who presented at the Emergency Department with her mother (Jane Smith).  It was reported the child fell down stairs at home and was injured.              The child was seen by Dr. Meredith Grey in the Emergency Room.  The exam showed a break to the child’s right collar bone.  Also noted were linear marks (3” long by .5” wide) across her lower back as well as some smaller linear marks on her upper arms (bilateral).   She has minor bruising on her left and right shins.             When initially questioned by hospital staff, the child will only say she fell down stairs at home.  When pressed, she will say her dad (Jim Smith) was mad at her when it happened.             Mom is questioned by hospital staff and she maintains that the child fell down the stairs.  When staff asks about her husband, mom begins to cry and asks that they not contact him.             The physician believes the injuries are inconsistent with the history provided by mom and child and suspects there is abuse in the home.  The doctor consults with the social worker who agrees with that assessment.  Both make a report to authorities.             It is being assigned to you as the investigator. Assignment:  Write an investigative plan to answer these questions.   It should be  but no more than two pages.               Who do you want to interview in this case?               In what order would you like to interview them and why in that order?             List three or four questions you would want answered from each person.