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Cannabis is not harmful, so it can be legalized.

I would like you to write a paper using the attached 5 Annotated Bibliography.I’m not good at English, so please write in simple English.I’m a strict writing teacher, so I want you to use grammar like a textbook.I would like to complete it as soon as possible.The order of outline does not matter.However, I would like you to use that argument to write a paper. Outline Working thesis: Cannabis is not harmful, so it can be legalized.    Public support for cannabis legalization rose from 12% in 1969 to 62% in 2018.  Orenstein, D. G., & Glantz, S. A. (2020). The Grassroots of Grass: Cannabis Legalization Ballot Initiative Campaign Contributions and Outcomes, 2004-2016. Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law, 45(1), 73–107.    It is the most used drug in the world.  ORENSTEIN, D. G., & GLANTZ, S. A. (2020). Cannabis Legalization in State Legislatures: Public Health Opportunity and Risk. Marquette Law Review, 103(4), 1313–1400.    Short-term memory loss, dizziness, and sleepiness are less affected by cannabis products.  Pratt, M., Stevens, A., Thuku, M., Butler, C., Skidmore, B., Wieland, L. S., Clemons, M., Kanji, S., & Hutton, B. (2019). Benefits and harms of medical cannabis: a scoping review of systematic reviews. Systematic Reviews, 8(1), 1–35.    cannabis is less harmful than other drugs.  Matsumoto, T., Kawabata, T., Okita, K., Tanibuchi, Y., Funada, D., Murakami, M., Usami, T., Yokoyama, R., Naruse, N., Aikawa, Y., Furukawa, A., Komatsuzaki, C., Hashimoto, N., Fujita, O., Umemoto, A., Kagaya, A., & Shimane, T. (2020). Risk factors for the onset of dependence and chronic psychosis due to cannabis use: Survey of patients with cannabis‐related psychiatric disorders. Neuropsychopharmacology Reports, 40(4), 332–341.    Proponents of legalization of cannabis are increasing.  Resko, S., Ellis, J., Early, T. J., Szechy, K. A., Rodriguez, B., & Agius, E. (2019). Understanding Public Attitudes Toward Cannabis Legalization: Qualitative Findings From a Statewide Survey. Substance Use & Misuse, 54(8), 1247–1259.