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Canadian Residential Schools, “The 60’s Scoop”, Trauma and effects on the Indigenous popul

Prepare an original written essay exploring one of the specified topics of Module 3. Please refer to Module 3 Overview for Key Topics, Themes, and Terms as well as the enclosed rubrics on what the evaluation will be based.   Module 3: The Status of Contemporary Indigenous Peoples in Canada: Decolonization and Reconciliation. Specifically, Residential Schools, “The 60’s Scoop”, trauma and effects on the Indigenous population within Canada in relation to Residential Schools and contemporary Canada, Child Welfare of the Indigenous in Canada as a result of the Residential Schools, and the impact that this has played on contemporary Canada. Please refer to the enclosed description and Overview for module 3 along with the attachments and links provided for readings and resources.  The essay is to be formatted following the APA 7th Edition in size 12 Time New Roman font.   The use of headings and subheadings are not encouraged in the assignment, rather clear and concise information must be presented in an easy to follow essay with written work that transitions from paragraph to paragraph. The assignment will include a title page, plus a minimum of 3.5 pages and a maximum of 4 pages for the body, double spaced.   The assignment will include at least 5 proper in-text citations and will follow with a bibliography, in APA 7th Edition formatting. All information written must show where it was sourced! In-text citations MUST include page or paragraph number of where the specific source can be found. The objective is for the learner to explore a specific topic that examines an over arching theme that was covered in the specified module. The learner should have the ability in their conclusion, to present their position in the context of the unifying theme. Please refer to each required resources from the list provided for this assignment. Additional sources may be used, but preference given to the suggested resources. If additional resources are sourced, a link to the source in the bibliography MUST be included along with in-text citations that include the paragraph or page number of where the specific source can be found. Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns.