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Campaign for Circulation

1.     Goals and Audience. Most large campaigns are trying to influence broader public audiences to get them informed and to pressure powerful people (e.g., legislators, government officials, private companies or entire industries). Who do you want to inform, what do you want them to do, and who do you want them to pressure? For instance, if you wrote your data-driven white paper about housing in New York City, you might be interested in rallying renters since they may be unhappy with renting and/or might be unable to purchase their own home. You might want them to pressure city officials, mayoral candidates, etc. What information do you want them to have to be able to bring that pressure? In the box below, tell me what your goals are for your campaign, based on the research you did in your white paper and who your audience(s) is and what you want them to do. 1.    Campaign Pieces. In the box below, tell me 5 possible genres of text that you might use for your campaign and why you will use them (see “Example Campaign Pieces” on Campaign for Circulation Prompt).1.    Delivery. How will your campaign pieces reach your audience do you think? If you chose a flyer, how would your audience see it (e.g., passed out at an event? Posted somewhere your audience would likely be at?)? If you want to post something on social media, how can you ensure it will circulate to people you want to see it (e.g., engaging an account followed by people in your target audience? Designing the post with the newsfeed algorithm in mind?). Talk as much as you can about how the campaign pieces you are thinking about making will reach your audience(s).