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California and the Great Depression

Opinion Piece 6: California and the Great Depression Overview There are multiple facets of how the Great Depression impacted the people and policies of the state. The New Deal’s creation created a social safety net and safeguards against another economic collapse; however, the Great Recession (beginning in 2007) was the worst economic collapse since 1929. People lost their jobs and homes, which created economic anxiety, and the regulations are still felt today (political and economic). Question For this assignment, compare California during the Great Depression and Great Recession. Provide historical details about California during the Great Depression. What did Californians go through? Think economic, social, political, etc., for the historical details. Describe (at least) one similarity and one difference between the two eras. You may also compare the Great Depression to the economic problems caused by Covid-19 in 2020. Focus on California, not the United States. Material Use these Sources: Past: Information from the lesson summary and textbook. Videos of the Great Depression Present (use at least one): The Great Recession and Distribution of Income in California     download UC Berkeley Study on the Labor Market (Post-Recession)    download USC Study    download USC News Summary of this Report Expectations By the end of this module, you will be able to: Description of life in California during the Great Depression. Knowledge of the Great Recession and California. Analysis of both economic conditions in the state. Use at least one of the resources I provided. Instructions The Answer must be 300 or more words. A historical example from the module. Remember to use “who, what, where, and when” for this part of the paper.  Explain a modern example that relates to the historical topic. Provide details (who, what, where, and when). For example, Telsa and how it is changing the way we drive and beyond that point (their technology). Analyze the topic by linking the past to the present. If there is a source provided, then you can use it. After submitting it, post your answer to the corresponding discussion board and reply to two other students next Friday.