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Brain and Behavior Written Assignment

PS-351 FINAL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT   The 4 to 6-page written assignment allows you to pick a topic that we did not get a chance to cover in class or expand upon a topic we discussed and explore it a bit more. Scan the textbook or lectures for ideas. You may also refer back to the links to science news services used for our Discussion Boards for ideas.   You will need to use minimum of 5 primary research articles as source material, as well as other supplemental books, articles, and (reputable) web sites to craft your paper, which will include a bibliography of all your references (you may use APA format, or apply consistent format used by peer-reviewed journals). Any non-peer reviewed articles, internet references, news articles may be used, but must be referenced, and do not count towards the 5-peer-reviewed articles requirement. The references section and title page for assignment do not contribute to page limit.  The paper should be doubled-spaced with 1-inch margin. I recommend that your paper is reasonably focused with a specific angle or question given the limited scope and length of the assignment. My focus is Alzheimers Disease. The facts, risk factors, clinical trials, and treatment.