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body crowding

This is a two section of the Lab report, only the Method and Result section are required. the data was collected from us (students in the unit) and was processed by the Tutors and given to us, we are only required to write the Method and Results sections for now, then we will continue with the rest. so you don’t need any references for now and all the method and results are provided in the PDF i uploaded. also you will need to paraphrase the tables provided (3 of them) and include them within. you don’t need to include the 3 screenshots of the histograms, simply write sentences of what’s relevant. Lab Report Questions: (1) Are visual judgments about human bodies corrupted by the presence of additional bodies? i.e. Do crowds crowd? (2) Does the reduction in face identity crowding resulting from the inversion of distractor faces reported by Louie, et al., (2007) generalise to judgments regarding human bodies?