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Bibliotherapy paper

you will be continuing what I have written you can fit it up or leave it as so just help finish it up for me please in need of two more pages for this assignment. Select one book that has the potential to promote social emotional wellness and awareness for children. Select an issue that affects children. The book may be fiction or non-fiction. You may not use books that we have read for this class. Here are online sources of books – Scribd, Amazon, Youtube, Your paper should be 4-5 pages, double-spaced, Microsoft Word document. The introduction must state and explain why you chose the topic/issue and brief explanation about your research. Provide the following: the title of the book, the genre, age level, a summary of the plot, a statement of the theme(s), an evaluation of the book including how it will help children overcome the issue you chose for this project. At the end of the paper create a concluding paragraph.