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Bibliography of Hiram Powers

This term paper is a seven page bibliography of the American Sculptor, Hiram Powers. I would like the essay to go in depth specifically regarding the sculpture, The Greek Slave, along with other works of art by Powers. I would also like the paper to include depictions and critical thinking of The Greek Slave and the artist’s other work. As mentioned before, this is a bibliography so I would like the paper to also include extensive background of Hiram Powers and historical events that happened during his life. Limitations to the paper include avoiding Wikipedia or other informal blogs, instead I would appreciate the use of scholarly, responsible sources such as books, exhibition catalogues, and articles, mainly from the JSTOR database. This paper involves critical thinking, therefore I would appreciate if the art is depicted as such. Below I have provided the professor’s instructions regarding the term paper. I myself plan on finding supporting images/photos for the essay.