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best practice assignment

Overview The critical performance for this course is that students will have demonstrated the ability to differentiate among public, community, population, Canadian and Global preventive health care concepts, and structures using evidence based practice. In this assignment students will investigate and analysis public health best practice. Students will use the Public Health Agency of Canada’s “Canadian Best Practices Portal” to research chronic disease in Canada through a best practice lens. Students will also become familiar with a best practice intervention associated with the chronic disease they are researching. Assignment 2 is an individual project. Format AMA/APA only. Please look on line – to understand your formatting choice. Students need to follow the formatting guidelines for font style, size and spacing, title page, in text citations and reference sections. Deliverables Individual assignments. Papers are to be handed in during the first 15 minutes of class uploaded to SLATE. Requirements This assignment is worth 20% of the total grade for this course. The specific breakdown of the components to be evaluated and the contribution of each to the overall grade are as follows: 1. Access the following website. This website and references within this website will be your primary data source for this assignment. Familiarize yourself with all of the tabs on this website so you are well aware of what resources are at your fingertips. You will be required to use many different sources so know before you start what is available. 2. Choose one of; Cancer, Cardio Vascular Disease or Diabetes as the chronic disease you will research. 3. Chronic Disease Analysis (45 marks – 10 for each section except e (5 marks) ( min of 8 citations in section 3 needed) You will write a summary of your chronic disease using the following headings. (Anything in bold use as a heading in your assignment.) a. Facts & Figures: describe the disease as per the incidence/prevalence or scope of the disease, mortality rate if available, geographic trends, special populations if available and international statistics. Cite this website and cite 2 other sources in your description. b. Risk Factors/Prevention: Identify the risk factors and prevention/risk factor reduction strategies for the disease. Cite this website and 1 other source. c. Strategies: Describe an Ontario or Canadian strategy AND an International strategy to prevent/reduce/control the disease. Cite this website and 2 additional sources. d. Guidance: Describe what guidance is available for practitioners and/or the public according to this website and 1 other source. e. Tools & Resources: List at least 1 site or resource that you find of interest to this disease. Summarize the resource. Cite the website and 1 other (site or resource. 4. Intervention (20 marks – 5 for each section) (1 citation in addition to the website) Click on the Intervention tab. Find an intervention that covers your disease. a. Identify Intervention as a Best or Promising Practice, or Aboriginal Ways Tried and True: Name the intervention and if it is a best, promising or Aboriginal ways practice (see the website for details and refer to these details in your answer – and cite accordingly). b. Intervention Overview: Each intervention has icons and an overview; give an overview of the intervention and make sure you include all of the icons listed in your summary. You must cite the webpage but also review and cite the Primary Source Document for the chosen intervention. c. Determinants of Health: What Determinants of Health does the intervention cover? d. Intervention Goal/Objective/Levels Targeted and Equity Focus: Simply review and summarize the table on the website. e. Summary (10 marks) (systematic review citation, plus one additional) Summarize the assignment by reviewing a systematic review of the chronic disease (found on the site used for section 3) and indicate what the findings are. Cite the systematic review. (Cancer does not have a systematic review section but use documents under Publications tab). f. Also indicate your own findings from your assignment – as you have just used all of the best practice measures in doing this assignment as well as analyzing a best or promising practice intervention – so are the best practice guidelines you used comprehensive enough, what is missing in your analysis?