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Bayard Rustin: Identity and Ideology

I’m trying to write a paper focusing around Bayard Rustin’s commitment to aligning the civil rights movement with labor. I want to address his criticisms of black nationalism, as well his reluctance to speak out against the Vietnam war (even though he was a vehement pacifist). I want to argue that although there may be inconsistencies found within his legacy, his decisions were made to reach his goal of advancing black people in economic terms by means of politically uniting all working class people. At this point i have a decent introduction as well as a conclusion. Events and sources I would like addressed within this lens would be the involvement with and departure from the Pacifist movement (FOR), his work with A Philip Randolph (and his influence), conflicts with the black nationalist (or separatist) movement, the Freedom Budget (drafted by Bayard Rustin with civil rights and labor leaders), Rustin’s essay “From Protest To Politics”, and the balancing act Bayard Rustin attempted with appeasing the larger democratic party under LBJ and maintaining unity among more radical elements of the black liberation movement. Ultimately I want to say that Bayard Rustin was destined to champion the creation of a grand political coalition of all working class people and liberals, and every break in his politics that I want to address happened as a result of his dedication to this goal. Attached is my introduction, a starter paragraph or two, and a conclusion (one is in .pages, one is .docx, they are the same document).  I am looking for decent quality substance with sources that fits within these constraints. I can be contacted at this email, or can be called on my phone (the number i will give to whoever works on this with me).