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based on a case study exploring the lifespan development of one character. Discuss your

Assignment brief: This assignment is based on a case study exploring the lifespan development of one character from a relevant film. From that film, choose one individual. Discuss your understanding of their life stage, any transitions they have been through that you choose to focus in on and how this can inform social work practice. A selection of films can be found in this Box of Broadcast link which will require the Institutional login route and your University of Kent login details. These movies have been selected as they offer insight into key points and transitions in life stages. You can also choose a film on your own but do check with me to ensure that it is relevant and useful for the purposes of this assignment. Some films have particularly challenging themes and scenes, so please do bear this in mind when choosing. Below is the link to the video to watch and chose one charater to discuss development growth base on the movie.  ( for example you can look at  Forrest Gump (1994) This essay will examine my understanding and critique of lifespan theories and transitions, my ability to recognise the importance of wider social factors and diverse perspectives on human growth and development and skills to link these to social work practice. Choose one character from the movie. Using the information provided in the movie, explore their life stage(s) as well as their life circumstances. With this as your starting point, you can cover the following:   Which theories can you draw upon to help your understanding of the life stage of the character in general (i.e. some of the general challenges or potential changes affecting someone of that age/stage)?  What theoretical concepts/approaches can you discuss that can help your understanding of the particular life circumstances of the character, such as: illness, employment, education, housing, etc.?  Linked to the above, in what ways is the individual affected by wider social, cultural, economic factors? How do they affect lifespan development?  What is the relevance of these theories in terms of any social work approaches to working with this individual? For some films, this link is quite obvious; for others – you may need to speculate how social work involvement is avoided and how, without key supports in place, social work may have come to support the individual/situation.  Remember to critique the theories that you choose to use – what are their strengths and limitations? Please use relevant literature to discuss the above. o an introduction and conclusion, o a key point for each paragraph, o an overall argument(s), o Harvard Style Referencing throughout,