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Banking and Regulations

Preconditions for writer • This is a research essay and not descriptive essay. • This requires strong banking and regulation expertise. Submission Requirements: An Essay in response to the corresponding two questions: 1. Is Basel III enough? (1000words) 2. how can banking and financial regulations impact your daily work life? (1000words) Learning Outcomes Assessed Understand why regulation is important (or not) in the financial industry 1. Be able to explain each regulation and its main pillars 2. Be able to make the link between the 2008 financial crisis and its implications in terms of regulation 3. Be able to understand how regulations affect the daily work of an employee in a financial institution Key Specification and Requirements You may use any of the materials and tools introduced in the course but also online research. But your essay must: 4. Be set out as an essay, including a well structured introduction and conclusion. 5. Label any diagrams used (Figure One), give the diagram a title and credit the source. 6. Use graphs and charts to support your analysis. 7. Use Harvard referencing appropriately and accurately. 8. Grading Criteria. Work will be assessed based on the following criteria: 8.1. Ability to use different bibliographic resources 8.2. Ability to synthesise key ideas around a given problem 8.3. Ability to step back from a given situation 8.4. Ability to explain concepts Course topics are: 1. Banking Regulation 2. Basel I 3. Basel II 4. The 2008 Financial Crisis 5. Systemic Risk 6. Basel III 7. Market Regulation