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Bank Of America

Your final group project paper must adhere to the following guidelines: All pages must be typed, double-spaced, size 12 Arial font and all margins should be 1-inch and all questions in each section should be numbered and be answered in paragraph format and include any relevant charts, graphs, screenshots, and explanation of findings/results Include a title page (with a title, your team members’ names, class, due date) and an appropriate table of contents page that lists each section and its corresponding start page Your paper should have the following section headers: Part 1 – Role of Marketing Research; Part 2 – Role of Qualitative/Causal Research; Part 3 – Measurement Scales; Part 4 – Sampling Plan; Part 5 – Statistical Analysis; Part 6 – Summary/Recommendations Each section header must be bold and underlined and each new section must start on a new page You must include SPSS screenshots for Section 5 Be sure to proofread your final paper and complete a spelling and grammar check PRIOR to submission to avoid losing unnecessary points! Failure to follow ANY of the above guidelines and requirements will result in significant loss of points! Read the entire article and  answer all 6 questions  on PART 1