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Bank analysis

Submission Requirements: 1. An Analysis Report: We would like you to select a bank of your choice, and then find its annual report containing all the information on their risk management. You are then required to write an analysis report that addresses all the information in the course, and explains the measures your chosen bank is taking to comply with banking regulations. Learning Outcomes Assessed 1. Be able to use systemic risk instruments 2. Be able to understand simple regulation tools 3.Be able to analyse annual reports and risks Key Specifications and Requirements You may use any of the materials and tools introduced on the course but must include: 3. A presentation of the bank and its key characteristics. 4. Labels for any diagrams used (Figure One): give the diagram a title and credit the source. 5. Graphs and charts to support your analysis. 6. Appropriate and accurate Harvard referencing. 7. Your work will be assessed based on the following criteria: 7.1. Your ability to synthesise complex information in a clear and concise manner 7.2. Your ability to contextualise the information provided Course topics are: 1. Banking Regulation 2. Basel I 3. Basel II 4. The 2008 Financial Crisis 5. Systemic Risk 6. Basel III 7. Market Regulation