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Autonomic Nerve System disorder – Parkinsons Disease

You will be required to write a resarch paper using APA style. In addition to the following sections you will follow the guidelines set by the American Psychological Association publication manual. Your paper will consist of the following sections: 1. Title page should include: a. Title of your paper 2. Introduction: Describe your topic and why you chose this particular topic 3. Body: Summarize the results of the current research on your topic. Current research published within the last 7 years. Identify a type of Autonomic Nervous System disorder.. 4. Conclusion: State what you learned from the material. Relate your findings to the material covered in class. Tell how the research is similar to, different from, contradictory to, or supplmentary to the material covered in class and in the text. 5. Work Cited page : Reference page must have 2-3 sources. These references can come from a variety of sources including journals, e-journals, books, newspaper, website, etc. 6. Paper must be stapled **Note: In addition you will lose a maximum of 15 points for mechanics (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, form and appearance.). When writing your paper watch your verb tense. You are reporting on something you have read, so the past tense is usually most appropriate. Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, and at least 2 to 3 pages in length. (THIS DOESN’t INCLUDE YOUR COVER PAGE OR REFERENCE PAGE.) Failing to meet the minimum requirements for length will reduce your score by 10 points. You are to have a 1 inch margin on all sides. You must use a 12-pitch font.