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Audio story review

Go to the link and listen to any of the stories (EXCEPT DAKARAI WILLIAMS) and write a 500-650 word critique on one of them. use these questions as a guide on what to write about, do not just systematically answer the questions. What did I like best about this story? Why?  What worked especially well? Why?  Is the focus of the piece clear to you? Can it be made better?  ·       Did it flow smoothly from one part to the next? Were there smooth transitions? Or did it jump around? ·       Was the beginning effective? Did it draw you in? Did it set the scene? If not, how could it be improved?  ·       Are there any significant gaps in the story? Is anything important missing? What?  ·       Is the story creative? ·       Are the soundbites compelling? Were they well recorded? Were they well selected (i.e. do they stand up on their own, or is the copy introducing the soundbite sufficient to make them understandable)? Did they move the story along, adding a distinct element to the story or were they redundant of copy? ·       Is there any material that can be left out? Specify.   ·       Are there specific audio issues that need work? For example: problems with volume, editing glitches, etc. ·       Was there something in the piece that was especially strong for you? ·       Was the ending powerful? Did it connect all of the elements and bring the story full circle? ·       Was the editing strong? Were there things that could have or should have been cut? ·       Were there parts that didn’t make sense? Were there places you were lost or confused? ·       Was the writing strong? Did it add to your understanding of the story? Was it concise, clear? Did it connect-the-dots? ·       Was the writing conversational? Was it clear? ·       What was effective about the piece?  ·       How might the piece be made more effective? Provide at least two specific recommendations ·       What storytelling device did you find most compelling/creative? Why?  ·       Was the voiceover/narration effective? Comment specifically on pacing, diction, tone, and articulation.  ·       Would you have listened to this story if you didn’t have to? Did it make you care? ·       Did the person add something over and above what was required, that made this story unique or special in some way? If not, how might they have enhanced the story?